Thursday, October 7, 2010

Old Water

Ohh, how i miss my watercolors. Yeah, I'm going into wet media today. Get on mah level.

Watercolors are particularly nice because they're transparent and you can layer the colors on top of one another. One is also capable of making really beautiful wash effects with the right techniques.

First watercolor I did in high school, 2008. That's my sister posing, I really liked how the light was hitting her face.
Done in my Junior year, so like 2009. Miniature tea set, that blue was gorgeous.

water color pencils, '09.

Watercolors are really fun to work with, but I find that they're easier to paint from photo. Its really hard not to sit and paint layer by layer when watercolors and the appropriate brushes are capable of such detail. Hope you liked these, let me know what you think.

By the way, I've decided, if you haven't noticed yet, I've decided to log my art backwards kindof and track my progress since high school. I'm looking forward to sharing my last few years with you all.


  1. I've always wanted to try watercolors, but never have. The last one's my favorite. :)

  2. That first one's awesome. It's not nearly as colorful as the latter two, but I like it a lot more. I'm biased, though; I like portraits a lot more than any other kind of art.

  3. You're in luck then! My senior concentration was portraits (just for you)

  4. I like the plant coming out of the hand. I think I already told you that. I can't really remember. Great post again.


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