Saturday, October 9, 2010

Its Here, Its Here!

I hate parody movies, they're always really terrible. I've had it with these mothaf***in' movies on this mothaf***in' tv set! And now I'm kind of stuck watching them and doing my 3D homework, sighh...

But on a more exciting note, its time for a sharpie tattoo post! WOOOOO!

Sharpie tattoos have been something I've been doing for a little while, just for fun. Skin isn't the only thing i use my sharpies on, but let's not count our chickens before they hatch, or we run out of eggs in the house. Sharpies are fun because they can blend and are fairly easy to wash off with some soap and water (but if you wear them on too long, prepare to scrub off a few layers of skin).

I don't remember when this was from, but it was a bird I drew on my best friend's arm in 20 minutes. Definitely done several years ago.
This one took a half an hour sitting on my friend's back, but it was sure fun. Summer of 2008.
Something I drew on my foot while I was bored, later became a design for some high tops (post for the future).

So yeah! Those are all of the sharpie tattoos I have photos of, but believe me, there were countless more. If ever I go ape with my sharpies again, you all will be the first to know.


  1. Interesting, never thought of doing this with a sharpie before. All look good though.

  2. Agreed with LoneIslander, I've never considered a sharpie tattoo. Very well done, though, for sure.

  3. I really love your sharpie stuff. Though I have seen this already, your designs still strike me as magnificent.

    You should get your shoes up here sometime soon, hon. You will get a demand for them. You will have to open a separate site just to sell them :P

  4. I cant wait till the shoe post, that ones probably going to be one of my favorites.

  5. Wow, skillz! Those look awesome for the amount of time they took you, too... I like the octopus. ^_^

    I used to doodle on myself/friends all the time, too, haha, but never anything this nice.

  6. Great "tattoos".
    Also cute friend. >_>


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