Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bzzzzzz... Hey man, hold still.

Hey you lookin' to get INKED? Well, this is your lucky post! This ones all about, drumroll please...

TATTOO DESIGNS, WOO! Sorry I'm a bit excited, I just haven't posted in a few days, and this ones a good one.

How you like them apples? Not bad right?

By the way, that second one was done for my friend Dylan Ross, who is releasing his new album Mint very soon! Its really good, you guys should give him a listen at He also has some really great mixtapes up on there, too.


  1. Too bad I will never be ink'd baby. IF I WAS GOING TO BE THOUGH, it would be from you.

  2. Those tattoo designs remind me very much of legendary tattoo artist, Sailor Jerry. :D

  3. its supposed to be bad luck ;P


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