Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ready, Sets

Hey guys! So, this week has been a little hectic for me but I'm excited about this new post. Its about sets of linework art from semester 1.

This first set is from my drawing class, done in pen and marker. They are of objects collected from my room, a figurative self portrait, if you will. The first is a contour, for the most part, and the second is a representation of negative and positive space.

This mixed media set requires a bit of explanation. The top image was done in illustrator, its a photo of myself in a reflective surface with all tone changes outlined. I cannot even begin to express how much time this took to do. The lower image is that same photograph with the tone changes painted in with hand mixed acrylics. This was a time-consuming but very fun project.

I always thought that linework was a really interesting form of representation, borderlining illustration to some extent, since real life objects dont have an outline around them. Instead, the lines represent a dramatic change in tone that we see, and they represent a form. They can be very effective in their representation.

Ways to Waste Your Time:

I think its time you guys checked out my tumblr, its pretty much all the inner workings of my brain on a site. ifyoufeelinlikeapimp.tumblr.com hope you like it!

Monday, October 10, 2011


So it feels like FOREVER since i've updated this thing! Its been about a year actually. Anyways, I'm in my second year now and I've come bearing more pieces and such. I think I want to start off with something new: Sculptural pieces! Let me know what you think.

Hope you love them!!
The top one is a wire hand based off my own, wrapped in different colored yarn. The second series of photos is of two separate but conjoining pieces. The inner piece is carved from styrofoam and wrapped in black and leopard fabric with pins. The outer piece is a laminated wood sculpture made from plywood and crafted to hold the inner piece so that it hovers. These were both made for my F11 3D class.

Ways to Waste Your Time!

For any of you that are fans of online comics, this one is definitely worth checking out! Its made by a friend of mine, quite the talent.

Its really quite entertaining and the duo updates every week. If you like pirates, action, &good art, check it out!