Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oily, Greasy, Dirty Fun

Sorry for the lack of post, I was a bit caught up this week on account of my cell phone being stolen a few days ago. Whoever did it, you're a total wanker and I sincerely hope you burn for it.

Anywayssss, I'm so excited for Halloween tomorrow. In case you didn't know, theres a huge Halloween parade in New York City every year. Naturally, I'll be attending, so come find me!

So, this post is about oil pastels, thought it'd be fun. I actually don't have too many examples of my work in oils because it isn't a medium I work with frequently, but I think it should still be appreciated.

I actually had so much fun with this piece. It was done in 2008 or 2009, I can't quite remember, but its from my junior year. I made it from a combination of photographs from concerts taken by my wonderful friend Alleson, who is a sophomore at Parsons and is an awesome photographer/artist.

I really like oil pastels because of their intensity. They really give one the freedom to be very expressive, although they don't blend nearly as well as chalk pastels. Thats kind of all I have to say for today, everyone should comment and tell me what they think, or post a comment about your Halloween plans/costume/both. Have a fun, safe, spooky holiday!

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  1. The first one looks like the guy is getting punched in the face but that could be the brightness of my screen lol. Still good though


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