Thursday, November 4, 2010

Looks Shopped.

Whaaaaat? Another Photoshop post? Well, yeah, kind of. I'm trying to get all of this stuff on here and avoiding making my shoes post because IM JUST SO DANG EXCITED ABOUT IT dont judge meee.

So yeah, lets get right to this. Here are some more photoshop projects spanning from my junior year to my senior year oh high school, I'll try to order them chronologically.

CS4, a maximalist typographic piece. this one may seem really insignificant, and i was considering not putting it up at all, but upon further inspection i realized how much it really deals with basic concepts of color, composition, and typography. I feel that if this piece went overlooked, my 2D teacher would be very displeased.

CS4, interesting textural piece done from some photos I took in Fallsburg, NY. 

CS4, also from Fallsburg, NY.

My family has a summer home in Fallsburg, which is about two hours north of where I currently live. Its a really quaint little area, and the bridge featured in the last picture is one of my favorite places to be, really. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed these. I can't wait to get all my Photoshop and Illustrator stuff up so I can get my shoe post to you guys sooner! I really appreciate feedback.

Ways to Waste Your Time!
So, today I think I'm going to focus on a really fantastic and hilarious blog that has been brought to my attention recently. It is featured on Buzznet and if you're a fan of the popular Harry Potter series, you're really going to enjoy this blog. I've been reading it so much its even affected my narrative at the beginning of this post (if you read the blog, you'll know what I mean.) Enjoy!


  1. This looks shopped, I can tell by the pixels :P

  2. I am excited about the show post. Do you need me to send you pics of my sisters Shoes so you can add them to your collection?


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